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General General firearm-related talk that does not fit into any of the other forums.

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Default Desert Tactical Arms Now Called Desert Tech. Announces Training Center

Content courtesy of The Firearm Blog

Bullpup bolt action rifle maker*Desert Tactical Arms has undergone a rebranding. Henceforth they will be called *Desert Tech. The rebranding is because they have expanded the business beyond firearms. They have begun construction on a*55,000 acre training center that will features ranges dedicated to*pistol, rifle, shotgun, breaching/demolition, rough terrain driving, convoy live fire, maneuvering, moving target and extreme range sniper.

The full press release is belong …
We have some very exiting things happening at Desert Tactical Arms, the evolution of our company has spawned key fundamental changes in our business structure, changes that you will learn about in this letter.* We continue to be very passionate about the products we make.* We are extremely committed to being at the forefront in developing tomorrows weapons technologies.* One of our biggest accomplishments has been the seamless integration between our rifles, accessories, and ammunition.* This means that users no longer have to deal with compatibility problems, sub-par accuracy, or poor performance within their equipment.

We have optimized the rifle system right from the start, this optimization substantially enhances shooter performance, many customers call us to tell us they can shoot like rock stars on their home range now.* But there is still an open variable; a key piece of the puzzle that hasn’t been optimized, it’s*the most important piece, the piece that turns a rifle system into a weapon system, and that piece is the shooter.* Our passion to create the perfect system has enlightened us. We wanted to go beyond the equipment, we wanted to empower shooters, to squeeze the absolute best performance out of, not only our rifle systems, but with every firearm they use.* In order to do that we have commissioned a 55,000 acre Training Center with; multipurpose ranges that include pistol, rifle, shotgun, breaching/demolition, rough terrain driving, convoy live fire and manuever range, unknown sniper range and known sniper ranges, moving target ranges, field-craft courses, and extreme distance sniper ranges.* We have appointed Thomas Alexander as CEO of the Training Center.* Mr. Alexander comes to us with 18 years of experience in military operations as well as government contracting experience.* The hiring of Mr. Alexander allows us to conduct small and large scale military exercises as well as develop the range into a modern and realistic training environment.* We have created a shooters sanctuary, a place where shooters can learn from real professionals, a place where they can hone their skills in all aspects of shooting.

In addition to the new Training Center, and in response to our rapid expansion and growth, we wanted to set a key-stone, a permanent foundation, one that provides vision and purpose, it tells us what we stand for, it tells us what we are here to do.* We are here to create tomorrows weapons.* In order to reaffirm that mission we have created a universal brand, a brand that will unify the firearms, ammunition, and training companies within our group.* The resulting unity will create pioneering synergies that will lead the development of the most advanced equipment, munitions, and training that the world has ever seen.* This new symbol will be a global image that will support and defend freedom for the United States and our Allies.

It is my honor a great privilege to present to you Desert Tech.

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"Transform and roll out!"
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